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2021/07/15$5$5 Power 5s - 262502021/07/15$10$10 The Bigger $pin - 160872021/07/08$10$10 $500,000 Jackpot - 160772021/07/08$20$20 $1,000,000 Jackpot - 310482021/07/08$5$5 $100,000 Jackpot - 262522021/07/02$1$1 Money Hive - 213792021/07/02$2$2 Bingo - 220632021/07/02$3$3 Crossword - 153342021/07/02$3$3 UNO™ - 153352021/07/02$10$10 Crossword Supreme - 160852021/06/24$3$3 Bingo - 153402021/06/24$5$5 Crossword Super Ball Plus - 262532021/06/17$2$2 Wild Wins - 253632021/06/17$4$4 Lucky Lines - 131232021/06/03$2$2 The Western - 256322021/06/03$5$5 Meow Meow - 262472021/06/03$7$7 Lucky Lines Extravaganza - 330652021/05/13$3$3 Hit $100 - 153322021/05/13$5$5 Set for Life - 262482021/05/06$5$5 Super $lots Wild - 262462021/05/06$1$1 Spring Chicks - 213782021/05/06$2$2 Splash - 253612021/04/08$5$5 The Royals - 262452021/04/08$10$10 5X Fortune - 160832021/04/08$50$50 Classic Super Pack - 610012021/04/01$10$10 Crossword Luxury Edition - 160842021/03/25$2$2 It Takes 2 - 253602021/03/25$3$3 Mayan Fortunes - 153312021/03/18$5$5 Crossword Tripler - 262442021/03/11$1$1 Lucky 7s - 200682021/03/11$5$5 The Big $pin - 262412021/03/04$1$1 Bank Roll - 213772021/02/25$5$5 Fun and Games - 262402021/02/18$3$3 Silver Riches - 153282021/02/18$20$20 Super Scratch Pack - 310472021/02/11$2$2 Calendar Cash - 253592021/02/04$20$20 Max Money - 310462021/02/04$4$4 Lucky Lines - 131222021/01/28$2$2 Blackjack - 253572021/01/28$3$3 Bingo - 153272021/01/14$3$3 Rooster Run - 153302021/01/14$10$10 Big 10 - 160752021/01/14$3$3 Crossword - 153292021/01/07$5$5 Ca$h Frenzy - 262352020/12/31$7$7 Hot Tripler - 330592020/12/31$2$2 Hot - 253582020/12/31$1$1 Lotto Moji - 213762020/12/31$5$5 Hot Doubler - 262382020/12/31$7$7 Lucky Lines Extravaganza - 330612020/12/10$10$10 Crossword Deluxe - 160812020/12/03$4$4 Lucky Lines Multiplier - 131192020/12/03$3$3 Year of the Ox - 153262020/11/19$5$5 Crossword 2X 3X - 262252020/10/29$2$2 Let it Snow - 253542020/10/22$5$5 Set For Life - 262362020/10/15$10$10 Gifts of Gold - 160782020/10/01$20$20 Player's choice Mega Pack - 310422020/09/24$2$2 Bingo - 220622020/09/17$2$2 The Western - 253562020/09/17$10$10 Crossword Supreme - 160802020/09/17$10$10 The Bigger $pin - 160742020/09/10$5$5 The Price is Right® - 262392020/08/06$10$10 Chrome - 160792020/07/23$5$5 Crossword Moneybag Multiplier - 262372020/07/23$7$7 Lucky Lines Extravaganza - 330642020/07/23$10$10 Super Cash - 160822020/07/16$20$20 200X Multiplier - 310442020/07/09$1$1 Lucky 7s - 200672020/06/25$3$3 Bingo - 153252020/06/25$3$3 Crossword - 153232020/05/21$5$5 The Big $pin - 262192020/03/19$2$2 Blackjack - 253442020/01/09$20$20 Super Set for Life - 310432019/11/28$30$30 Triple Millions - 36005. Two 30-second Super Bowl ads. Rihanna’s five-bedroom Beverly Hills home. Twenty Rolls-Royce Phantoms. These are all things Hyde Park resident Joanne Massarelli can buy after winning $10 million on a 200X lottery scratch-off game, one of five top prizes available

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Well, almost. Massarelli walks home with $6,510,000 after the required tax withholdings and opting for a single lump sum payment. Nonetheless, it’s a life-changing moment for the 71-year-old, who had a one in 3,501,640 chance to win. Massarelli purchased her winning ticket at Smokes 4 Less at 4290 Albany Post Road in Hyde Park, where she is a regular customer

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Smokes 4 Less has 15 stores in the region and have had several winners over their 25 years of selling lottery tickets, usually for prizes that were $1 million and less. At this location, there has never been any significant winners, said store owner Jon Urban. “It brings a lot of attention to this store,” said Urban, recalling one woman who stopped in, not to purchase anything, but to “walk around and be a part of the luck of the store,” the customer told him. “It’s not every day that someone wins $10 million dollars,” said Urban. “It’s not only life-changing for that person, but everyone they are associated with including their family and friends. ”Urban sees Massarelli sticking around and imagines she will continue to frequent the store even despite her newfound fame. “They are real community-minded people who care about the area and their neighbors, friends and family. ”Massarelli bought her $30 winning ticket in mid-May. The 200X lottery scratch-off game is somewhat new, having been introduced in February. The $30 game requires matching any of your numbers to any of the winning numbers on the ticket to win the prize shown. Two top prizes have been paid out, but three still remain.  Urban hopes it might be the start of many more large jackpot winners at that store

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Massarelli joins a healthy list of other lucky Hudson Valley winners with her new jackpot. In early June, a Highland Falls woman, Shirley Miller, purchased a $3 million winning scratch-off at a local food store, and the week before that a Poughkeepsie man, Gregory Henson, won $1,000 a week for life from a local gas station. In May, Donna Croshier of Highland claimed a $1 million lottery prize on a $1 million payout bonus scratch-off ticket, a gift from her neighbor who purchased it at Hannaford. Other recent large winners include David Herring of Poughkeepsie who won $1 million from a Powerball drawing in March; Lisa Fields of Poughkeepsie, who won $5 million from a 100x scratch off ticket; and Lillian Ayling of Middletown, who won $2 million from Mega Millions Megaplier

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FROM LEMONT WON $100,000 ON $1,000,000 JUMBO CROSSWORD 10X! . Instant Games Instant Games Before you choose a game, check the prizes Before you choose a game, check the prizes For those looking to play games with more top prizes, you can track these at Find the top prize games The period of time allotted to the sale of each game is strictly regulated. If all top prizes over $100,000 available for a game have been claimed, then OLG must pull the game from stores. Will 1 out of any 3 tickets I buy win?Beating the odds is never a strategy

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According to the Texas Lottery, the Bullard resident, who is choosing to remain anonymous, won the prize with a scratch ticket game Monopoly 200X. He purchased The Triple Millions scratch and win ticket, purchased from a convenience store in Kelowna, is the largest instant-win prize ever awarded in Each puzzle played separately. Scratch where your shot landed on the ticket below. Hit ALL sections of any ship or a mine to win scratch shown in legend. Can you turn a measly $50 into $1,000,000? Find out in Scratch 2 Win: Lottery Tickets! You are given $50 which you can use to buy scratch tickets and cards,

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If odds are 1 in 3, you are not necessarily guaranteed to win if you buy 3 tickets, because those are the overall odds for all tickets. You could buy 3 tickets and win on all 3, win on none, or win on some. It’s completely up to chance

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Many people think that buying multiple tickets will increase the chances to win. The truth is that winning tickets are randomly distributed and buying more doesn’t necessarily mean better odds of winning. Tickets aren’t programmed to be in any order

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So in a batch of 10 tickets, there’s no guarantee that any will be winning tickets. Don’t worry about how you select your tickets – just have fun making your picks. Don’t Chase Your Losses Don’t Chase Your Losses Some might think it’s a strategy to win back losses by buying more tickets. But it really doesn’t work that way

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Instant tickets are simply meant to be a fun moment in the day. To keep it fun, it’s best to accept that you may lose. And at other times, you may win! FIND A REtailer NEAR YOU open in a new window

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All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Florida Lottery TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Two Southwest Florida residents recently became millionaires playing scratch-offs!Maria Lezcano, 59, of Naples, won $1 million on a $5,000,000 GOLD RUSH CLASSIC scratch-off game. The $20 game launched in October 2018. Overall odds of winning are one-in-2.99

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